Many Banff and Lake Louise employers provide accommodation,
or enjoy the flexibility of renting your own place.


Banff has an extremely low rental vacancy rate, and finding somewhere to rent can be difficult. Rental options in Banff include renting a room in someone else’s home, basement suites, apartments, townhomes, and single family homes. Rental rates are expensive compared to other non-resort municipalities in Canada.

The average one-bedroom apartment is $1,050 per month. Often, utilities, such as electricity, gas, cable, and wireless Internet access are not included in
rental rates. Once you have arrived in Banff, word-of-mouth is a good way to find somewhere to rent. If you’re under 30, join in the BanffLIFE activities – you may get an inside scoop to vacancies before they’re posted. Check local bulletin boards too.

Be wise with your money. Do not give a deposit to a prospective landlord without viewing the unit firsthand and signing a lease. Dealing locally and
face-to-face is best, but if you can’t, take all steps possible to verify the landlord and the property. Even if you are considering shared accommodation,
ask to see the lease and review the terms and conditions prior to paying a deposit.



Since 1993 the Banff Housing Corporation (BHC) has assisted many Banff residents obtain home ownership in the town of Banff. With over 180 homes of all sizes in the BHC portfolio there may be the perfect home in Banff for you.

The BHC is an arm’s length non-profit organization of the town of Banff whose mission is to help maintain a healthy and balanced community by offering both price-restricted and equity share home ownership. In order to purchase a BHC home you must fill out
the registered re-sale list application (PDF).


Job Resource Centre Staff Accommodation Guide

The majority of Banff & Lake Louise employers offer housing for employees at subsidized rates.

Many larger Banff employers offer staff housing and this is often your best bet if you’re new to town and working in an entry-level job. Benefits include:

  • Often less expensive than renting your own place
    or sharing a house.
  • Employers deduct rent directly from your paycheque.
  • Most staff accommodation is furnished so you won’t need to buy new furniture.